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pankhurst on the border
pankhurst on the border

Pankhurst – No One Wanna Read Tolstoj

Fighting the power has been a longtime play of punk music; and punk outfit “Pankhurst” do far from disappointing in their latest single, “No One Wanna Read Tolstoj”.

When you’re a musician trying to concentrate solely on your craft, it is important to lose cognisance of the prevalent authority figures in society; and Pankhurst seems to want to highlight that. Their music has an unadulterated ‘to hell with system’ sound that reminds me of the rebellious punk pop-rock movement of the late 80s and the early 90s.

The song has a pleasantly surprising sound to it; and immediately throws you back to the era I mentioned earlier. There is playfulness in the way the song is rendered. ‘Punk is a struggle’, and Pankhurst stick to their roots– named after one of the forerunners of the feminist/gender equality movement that embodied similar principles.

The mix is chaotic, but in a good kind of way. There is just the right amount of dirt in the mix to give off the impression of a bunch of renegades blasting music out of their garage– with the whole street listening in on their art; the guitars ring just right; the vocals are brash and off-hand; but that’s the very element that made punk so iconic in the first place, and it’s captured beautifully here.

“On The Border”, the sophomore EP from the project, is filled with such themes– and makes for a very entertaining listen. Check it out here-

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