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B. Shields - El Capitan
B. Shields - El Capitan

B. Shields – El Capitan

Brandon Shields is a self-taught Ohio based Rhythm and Bluesy and hip hop artist. His music usually derives inspiration from the strong beats of rock music and the use of blues forms with the presence of instruments such as the electric guitar, the bass, the electric organ and the invigorating and captivating intonations of the piano.

Shields’ recent 2021 track El Capitan rolls a xylophone vamp into a crisp beat that ignites into a quill of different moods. His songs are greatly influenced by the natural Ohio environment he was surrounded by during his formative years. This influence is seen in his recent song where he raps about the rolling wind and waves of Ohio. The song has elements of hip-hop along with backing blues tunes that refreshes our familiarity with classic sounds.

Through the form of rap, B. Shields forces his pen to bleed out a narrative of the place he grew up in. From the outset of this single, the artist puts on a show of technique that ought to be appreciated across generations as he strings together his tales with cadence. He is another voice that offers young rap and hip-hop enthusiasts to enjoy the direction the genre has taken. B. Shields Shields has a bag of potential and this song is one that you can definitely groove to.

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