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Ayrton Jiminez - Downtown BA
Ayrton Jiminez - Downtown BA

Ayrton Jimenez – Downtown BA

Downtown BA is the debut single from Ayrton Jimenez. A sultry acoustic number, it recounts the singer’s unexpected meeting with a beautiful woman in downtown Buenos Aires. With smooth vocals, a handsome face that reminds me of Chris Martin, and so much talent, it seems that this debutant is turning over a golden leaf with this song.

Ayrton Jimenez was born in England, and we all know about the diverse and bright music scene of the Brits. However, it is the fusion of his Colombian heritage that gives this newcomer his unique flavor.

The song Downtown BA makes the most of its acoustic arrangement of Flamenco guitars, and Latin-inspired rhythm. The guitar solos are hypnotizing, and the artist is able to keep the audience hooked with an interesting trap of lyrics that combines English and Spanish.

In the song, he sings about an unexpected but passionate love affair with a stranger in Argentina’s capital. He regrets having to leave in a rush, he had engagements he couldn’t get out of. However, she was absolutely magnificent, and he wishes he could have stayed back. Though he had to leave, he now has an adventure in a foreign land that is all about this captivating person. And the memory of Downtown BA will forever be intertwined with this person who gave it its meaning.

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