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Walter Mmari - Immortal
Walter Mmari - Immortal

Walter Mmari – Immortal | Ambient

Johannesburg-based musician and music producer Walter Mmari makes music for the soul that intertwines the present with a fictional landscape he manages to create through his tracks. With nothing in between, Walter Mmari updates his discography since his previously released 2021 single Timeless, now decorating his list with a full-length EP named Immortal.

Characteristically, Mmari aims to create a post-rock styled electronic ambient sound, which the EP’s title track pushes to its limits. The short two-minute closer to the EP features a near time-suspended frictionless sound wave, replete with Mmari on the piano and inputs from the cello that warrants more than just a cursory listen. Mmari’s music has a penchant for the soul, as he is not afraid to pull even the most delicate parts of our heart to make it sing.

Immortal creates a pulsating soundscape that is both immersive and near interactive, highlighting the uniqueness of characteristically ambient music to evoke without using phrases and words. The direction Walter Mmari decides to take from here is a journey we are in for, and observing his musical arc is a sense of cathartic insight into the sounds between the notes. 

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