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Jiminil-Family Tree
Jiminil-Family Tree
Jiminil-Family Tree

Jiminil-Family Tree | Mystery

The tragic story of Nick Drake’s genius was reminded to me by this artist. Pink Moon is a captivating album from the young man who passed away too young. However, he left behind a rich legacy of work in progress. Jiminil prepares a manifesto on a cloud where something is within sight but not reach with Family Tree.

With the nuanced ascending lick of the acoustic, Jiminil manages to create equal parts suspense and a dark history with just the audio in Family Tree. Though the vocalist is solo here, Bert Jansch’s supergroup collaboration Pentangle comes to mind. With a technique that’s rare, Jiminil too creates a layer that is shrouded in mystery. It also forewarns about a root you might not want to discover.

To talk about it as a single from a young artist, you might be taken aback. He has only one other single called Spider, which is a narrative of its own- challenging your frames of imagination. This single seems to be a step ahead, derivative of Irish folk but with a twist of an ingenious mind in the making.

Time truly seems to suspend listening to this song, my only woe it being too short. I would have enjoyed the swelling secrets of Jiminil’s song and lyric writing, which has an intriguing element of creativity and pure drive behind it.

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