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Tuval-Mind Is For Real
Tuval-Mind Is For Real
Tuval-Mind Is For Real

Tuval-Mind Is For Real | Dive

Get used to the ideas of hearing a Pixies type group switching to grunge every now and then, floating between the ethereal spectrums. Melvins walk in and form a supergroup after that. All this sound, all these textures-from one person. Tuval possibly revives and alters a style of sound with Mind Is For Real.

Though it has the recurrent 90’s alt-rock theme to it dominating the rich guitar soundscape, Tuval is experimenting with the lyrics that are altering and unique for the time and age, almost a juxtaposition from it. Tuval tells me about the vibe of the song:

Thank you! Embarrassingly I’d never really listened to Melvins. After reading these questions I check em out, great stuff. Like a lot of my compositions it starts with a strong feeling/ urge. Then I jump on my guitar and hum the melody, figure out the chords. What comes after that is very organic and fluid. For this one I had a bit of a conception for the structure and textures before recording!

As far as a deep dive into the lyrics go, the subjectivity is what makes it all the more exciting. It has the Where Is My Mind choreography within it, though trying to dissect it might destroy the very point of it. Pulsating from the same troubled origin, Tuval carves himself a corner in a world that might be in turmoil.

Bit of a rollercoaster of themes for me. There’s a sentiment about how our minds and how react to impressions is powerful and can’t be taken away. I touch a little on themes and emotions from my own recent recovery from addiction, rising again and starting fresh like a rebirth; whilst processing difficult memories and feelings.

The verses seem to be a little dream-like and fantasy, just for good measures hehe. Like a lot or my songs I write the lyrics fairly stream of conscious, and look at the meaning after. I like to invite the listener to interpret the meaning however they like!

Talking about the instrumentals, it is evident that the guitars take center stage for the most part. Synths aid the track as well, but the strings dominate the heavy, swirling sound of this talented multi-instrumentalist.

Guitar is my main instrument for sure, I’ve been in love with it since I was 10. Yes for this project the grand majority of the songs start from me sitting with a guitar and singing. I have a few released and un-released that are more synth based however.

Tuval’s previous endeavor was Interlines, and quite a shift in sound can be heard. On asking him how many steps forward he is in his journey:

A fair bit in some ways! I’ve been going back to my route influences and finding where they meet in a modern take with new approaches. For some of my un-released material there’s touches of jazz, electro, middle-eastern influenced sound and even Portishead vibes. Where I’m at musically now is to try to not limit possibilities and just make what I’d like to hear! 

Taking experimentation might be easier for someone who can wield so many instruments and speak so many tongues metaphorically. The moment will still be to what he regressed to, to express the stirring emotions of his track. On asking him about his future projects, Tuval said:

So for now I’ll be releasing a series of singles! This may add up to an album perhaps but I can’t confirm this just yet. You’ll have to wait and see!

Swim in a sea of sound with Mind Is For Real:

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