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Wynona Bleach - Drag
Wynona Bleach - Drag

Wynona Bleach – Drag | Fluorescent

Any group that sets out trying to create a bygone sound from a previous era is doomed to fail, and such is the case with several groups we see bubbling in the underground, gradually diffusing into a lack of artistic creativity and uniqueness. Notwithstanding the usual pessimism towards the musical martyrs in that department, there does occasionally come along a group that manages to be inspired by a nostalgic soundscape but spectacularly makes it completely their own. Such is the case of Northern-Irish quartet Wynona Bleach. 

Comprising Melyssa Shannon, Jonny Woods, Carl Gilmore and Matt Killen, Wynona Bleach represents a new generation of youth truly getting into and appreciating the previously decadent generation of guitar music. The quartet updates their discography since a brief hiatus following their 2020 single Glimmer, with their fresh track Drag. Characteristically, the track’s affiliation with (predominantly) shoegaze, but also genres such as alternative rock, pop rock, upbeat dream pop with some instances of a new age post-punk revival sets themselves apart by miles from any contemporaries operating in those genres but also highlights the truly seasoned soundscapes created through the increasingly rare four-man rock band composition. Drag represents the quintessential guitar riffs and percussive elements akin to something straight out of an early-2010 Strokes record, eventually fusing itself with overdriven electric rhythm guitars and vocal performances highlight an extremely immersive suburbian adolescent groove. 

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