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miss anita oh
miss anita oh

miss anita – oh

Sometimes, all it takes to make a listener happy is for them to feel happy, and carefree when they listen to a song. To help them feel that is a challenge in itself; a chill vibe is often something people do chase. Miss Anita, with her new single “oh”, aims to accomplish just that with the sound of her song.

A danceable rhythm with modern production and straightforward presentation is the best way I can describe this song. Anita’s wafty vocals carry the song’s weight while the synths and instruments in the background provide some graceful accompaniment to the rhythm. About the rhythm: it’s danceable. Very. It’s the sort of groove that makes one immediately get up and want to dance, groove, or just move around to the beat. There is innovation in the production vis-a-vis the synth choices, as well as the choices of all the other sonic elements.

The mix is presented clearly, with all the instruments having their own place; the song has a sense of space; and, therefore, a sense of carefreeness and camaraderie. The whistling in the second part of the sing deserves a mention of its own; it’s well-executed with respect to pitch and timing, a feat in itself.

With “oh”, Miss Anita brings forth a sense of joy and carefreeness, and I loved listening to it. Check it out here-

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