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Laszlo Jones – Out Of My Head

“Out Of My Head” is the new single by Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer Laszlo Jones. With hard-hitting vocals and heavy distortion, this song is quite aggressive, heavy and is reminiscent of some of the hard rock songs of the 00s. Laszlo has single-handedly made a very fine record that doesn’t fall short of much, so if you’re into rock and roll, do give this track an ear!

The song is introduced to us with an amazing buildup section that sucks you right into Laszlo’s gritty sound. His raspy baritone vocals along with the punchy drums that are driven by the bass guitar might remind you of some songs by Audioslave or Linkin Park. A fuzzy electric guitar makes its way unto the chorus lifting the power and energy of the song to a head-banging kinda state. This track would be a gem of a performance at any rock fest – Laszlo seems like someone who’d kill a live show!

I like how every single instrument used fits the vibe of the song well. In addition to all this, there are a few dark synths and grimy leads that are blended together by a clean mix making it sound like a feature film soundtrack in some parts. The processing of the vocals also caught my attention – it’s quite powerful and different from what we usually hear. The track has parts that sound like an electro record topped with a bit of grunge and rock sauce – aggressive and danceable to at the same time!

It seems to me that Laszlo was pretty clear in his vision of what the song should sound like right from the start. He has nailed every section really well and I don’t think the listener can get bored ever! Additionally, he’s a multi-talented musician with a lot of knowledge about music acquired through years of experience by traveling around the world. His exposure to different genres and the way he creatively makes his sounds work together is what makes “Out Of My Head” a great record! I urge all you rock fans out there to give this track a listen if you want to discover a new type of rock song that might just fit perfectly in your playlist!

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