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Breakfast for Dinner - Say
Breakfast for Dinner - Say

Breakfast for Dinner – Say

Say by Breakfast for Dinner is the latest track from the underground pop group. The song features personal lyrics that talk about the fear of being left alone by a loved one. However, with its bright, positive feeling, the band makes it a gleeful number that makes this seem like a hopeful adventure.

Breakfast for Dinner is an independent pop band that has that always puts you in high spirits. Based out of Buffalo, New York State, the four-person gang is all about the synth. Their electro-pop is akin to icons like Pale Waves and Nightly, with a soft smooth reverb that knocks others out of the park. They are beloved for their always feel-good music.

The singer acknowledges in the song that she will probably call up her friend late in the night, but she won’t stop them from a shot at happiness. She wants them to go to New York and follow their dreams. This will make her a little bit mopey, but she will be supportive. She will always be in touch because she wants to hear whatever they have to say.

The synth electro beats are very positive paired with a light, skippy beat. This keeps the song very breezy and hopeful throughout. At the same time, the bridge is a recluse with drums and electric strings beating as loud as the emotions in the song.

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