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Suburban Summers (Single)
Suburban Summers (Single)

Sabela Bee – Suburban Summers

“Suburban Summers” is Houston-based singer-songwriter, Sabela Bee’s debut single release. Influenced by the alt-rock records of the 90s and the addictive pop melodies of the 00s, Sabela Bee has shared her story in this four-minute-long melancholic love song that features deep heart-pinching lyrics and unique melodies.

The intro starts with some unnatural-sounding drums and a simple electric guitar riff, that somehow work together. Sabela’s vocals are not completely in the front of the mix at the start, but she’s easily intelligible and is talking about her past. Her lyrics revolve around grief, nostalgia and the lessons she’s learned in her life, the first verse is a bit pessimistic and I think Sabela is trying to tell us where she’s coming from.

Only a few instruments have been used in this track and to me it sounds like a live studio recording. Something really unique is the tempo change that occurs before the final chorus. The tempo slows down and the lyrics have a greater emphasis now that there isn’t too much going on. This laid-back change was unprecedented and I really enjoyed this outro!

A lot is going on in this song, and it’s a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to focus your listening on. Some elements could sound a bit tighter here and there, by being treated by some compression – the looseness of this track could be the sound Sabela was going for, but it’s not something that a lot of listeners would be accustomed to.

Sabela’s approach to writing is quite complex yet engaging and I’m sure it’ll resonate well with aspiring writers and artists. She’s done an amazing job on this debut single, and I’m eager to hear more soon!

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