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madison deaver tongue tied
madison deaver tongue tied

Madison Deaver – Conscience

With “Madison Deaver – Conscience”, LA-based singer-songwriter Madison Deaver brings back the sound of late-2000s to early-2010s indie pop with some punk and ska elements. She defines the sound of the song with a pleasant vocal presentation– and keeps it focused on the theme throughout; just the thing you need when you’re trying to make a song as catchy and singable as possible, and I often found myself humming this very song over the two days I listened to the song for while writing this review.

And catchy it is! The lyric writing is good and keeps in mind the storytelling aspect of the song well. This song is honest and raw especially when Madison asks “how can you sleep at night with all your f*cking spite?”. The whole song has a radio feel to it; perfectly envisioned blasting through the speakers to spice up a gloomy Monday morning or a mundane workday. Well-put-together instrumentation and an overall energetic flow in the song keep it an interesting listen for many, many times; to come up with an honest, true-to-oneself sound that manages to sound as amazing as this does is truly an accomplishment, and it’s very apparent here.

With “Madison Deaver – Conscience”, Madison has a winner on her hands, and I loved listening to it! Check it out here-

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