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Josh Collins - Lemonade
Josh Collins - Lemonade

Josh Collins – Lemonade | Summer Breeze

Josh Collins is a British singer-songwriter who uses rhythmic progressions and interesting backing vocals in order to create some beautiful atmospheres in his music. He’s been recognized by BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 and Soho Radio. Josh has begun experimenting on his sounds and influence while working the live scene in London since the release of his debut EP Porky Pies.

Lemonade is every bit of relaxing that the drink is. Josh Collins has created a track that is so minimalistic and perfect that he only needs his rhythmic movement of the guitar, and hand claps to set the backing for his track. His vocals are so smooth are reassuring that it makes you really feel like everything is all right. Lemonade is just one of those songs you would want to listen to when you’re alone an need some time away from everyone, and everything.

Josh Collins does such a brilliant job to encapsulate you with some subtle harmonies and Foley thrown in here and there that really add nuances to his simplistically beautiful track. I highly rate Lemonade mostly because Collins reminds me of a more upbeat Bon Iver or a more simplistic, doo wop-y George Ezra.

Fortunately, we were able to score an interview with the man himself. Read on below!


1) What has been the most challenging part of being an independent artist in the UK?
Keeping yourself sane in a mental industry and enjoying your music

2) What do you think about the music that’s being produced in today’s day and age?
It’s developed so much that I sometimes wonder how much further can it really go…we’ll see I guess. Producers will carry on innovating – it’s what they’re here to do!

3) Do you have any artists whom you would like to perform or collaborate with? If so, can you name a few?
Amy Winehouse, Adele or Lianne La Havas

4) How easy or difficult do you find it to get your music out to people?
I get better with every release, but it’s tough! Probably the worst part of the whole process, making the tunes is the fun part.

5) You’ve spoken about the meaning of some of your tracks before. How do you think you can get your message across in terms of music?
I think I felt I had to create a meaning once I started to promote. When I wrote Lemonade, it was during one of the first lockdowns and I just wanted a record that could be fun, free and positive.

6) What advice do you have for any musicians who want to make it into the live scene in the UK?
I live in London and sourced them myself through open mics and moving onto bigger venues.

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