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Soda Cracker Jesus-Kill It Tomorrow
Soda Cracker Jesus-Kill It Tomorrow
Soda Cracker Jesus-Kill It Tomorrow

Soda Cracker Jesus-Kill It Tomorrow | Wreck

Apart from the totally funky and absurd name of this artist, the song reflects the same. Soda Cracker Jesus is here with his single, Kill It Tomorrow, and it is a blast to the past really fast. It has great swing and rhythm, along with your classic rock riffs being referenced in intervals. I had the pleasure of conversing with SCJ, read excerpts from the interview below:

The Beatles were my introduction to music, mainly Lennon. It was like “What are these magical sounds?”. The rabbit hole of all 60’s bands is a fun one to visit. There’s a thread that connects the fabs to bands throughout time. Big Star, Oasis(The Sex Beatles) and Blur, Weezer, etc…I dig melody but turning the guitars up is beautiful in its own way.

Living in the moment-The lyrics

The lyrics are of an unapologetic man not having regrets and also aims at not having any. The toll of living in the present, dealing with the changes and being a better version of you everyday is what SCJ aims for.

Oh man, it’s about me staying in the now and not looking back. Because THAT just slows me down. As one gets older you start to see and hear people talking about the “good old days”. Which is fine and well but not at the expense of living in the now. The only real moments are now. The past else is just a feeling. What I see or don’t see in it is up to me. So live your best life today and then Kill It Tomorrow and start over. I hope that makes sense, LOL.

Talking about the track itself, I was intrigued whether the lyrics came first or the progression. The instrumentals obviously stand out as a unique expression channeled from the lyrics. No edits, no over the top polishing work-just good old rock.

I don’t think so. I’d be interested in hearing why you asked that question. What you hear is what I mean. My songs always go through a series of edits and changes. I don’t always know what I want, but I do know what I don’t want. Once I get to an arrangement and lyrics I can tolerate I finish all the instrumentation and vocals and mix.

Story behind the name

I know you would want to know the story behind the name, and it’s a question I asked. Pretty refreshing answer, based on innocence and pure whim. Just like the song, it has a quirky setting that doesn’t overthink stuff and obsess on details.

My 13-year-old daughter and I have these cool crazy conversations about life and different stuff on our minds. We were going to get pizza for Marvel Saturday night movie night( in chronological story order I might add). We were discussing all the things that people believe in to make them not feel alone or even to be a better person.

Jesus, Buddha, The Wizard Of Oz, whatever. And then we started saying crazy names and she blurted out “Soda Cracker Jesus”. We stopped, looked at each other, and started laughing because we both thought it was goofy AND cool. I told her that was my next project name. And that I would always give her credit.

Collaborations and future work

Right now Soda Cracker Jesus might be going Han, but is game for collaborations. On asking him what the other projects he would like to do would be:

If I do a collaboration, it will be with my kid. She was in a band this summer and has the potential to be really good. She fronts and sings. Other than that, I really like to work alone. It forces me to look inside and see what I want to say and how to say it. If there is a genre shift, it will be organically.

I listen to so much different stuff, it’s bound to come out in some weird way. I  do have a new song I’m working on about my dad who passed last year called Kaleidoscope and it has an ethereal dreamy vibe. At least right now.

Don’t overthink it, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Kill It Tomorrow is a reminder that you focus your energy right, and get what you need. Take space and breathe in the punk rawness while it is lingering,

That’s what it is. A song based on whim, pure feeling and decisions in the moment. You might be looking at today with a weary face, tired of all the shit you must go through. Plug in to this song, tune out all the noise and focus on the energy and rambunctious energy of this single. Then go ahead and kill it tomorrow.

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