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Diego Philips - Sentimental Song
Diego Philips - Sentimental Song

Diego Philips – Sentimental Song

Sentimental Song by Diego Philips is a beautiful acoustic track on the guitar. The song offers an intimate insight into the singer-songwriter’s occasional loneliness. It suggests not longing and pain, but of the undercurrent of sadness that inevitably follows you around after a heartbreak. And it probably only goes away after you fall in love once again, despite how unlikely it may seem.

Diego Philips is a Belgian musician who has been part of music groups and performed in various parts of Europe. He was easily singled out at the beginning of his career. He has a gentle soothing voice, but it is also deeply expressive. With his well-crafted melodies to accompany his touching lyrics, he has a certain Hozier-like appeal.

Diego aims to make music that comforts his listeners, and Sentimental Song fits that checklist just right. The song is all acoustic on the guitar. Each paragraph is an ode to a unique experience of distance and missing an ex-lover. All that the artist seems to do is write sentimental songs for them. However, as he asks in the bridge, how is any of that his fault when he feels like he is fading away? 

The overall vibe of Sentimal Songs by Diego Philips is coffee-cup-gone-cold, sepia filters, cloudy afternoon. And I, for one, love it. Diego has a new album scheduled for next year, and he has won himself a fan who’ll be on the lookout.

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