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Simon Ocean – Secrets

Simon Ocean, a Miami-based songwriter, producer, and singer, has been writing music for artists for over a decade. “Secrets”, his latest single, is a pop track that’s quite addictive and has a positive energy – a perfect song to play on the car stereo on a road trip!

With hard-hitting lyrics and a unique production style, Simon has tried to play around with a few genres and create something new, yet familiar. A four-bar loop makes its way throughout the track picking up a bouncy rhythm section and some effortless vocals. It sounds like a typical dance track fundamentally with a lot going on and also has a nice outro section which is very much hip-hop.

When I first heard the chorus I started singing along – it’s very catchy! In addition to its simple composition, this track features a commendable drop that could get you on your feet. It’s really fun and easy to listen to!

Simon talks about something we all want to know, can he/she keep our secrets?

At the end of the day, “Secrets”, is at its core, a love song. I like how Simon has performed in a way that you can feel some of the tension. Simon says he aims to cover the elements close to him spanning from love and hate, pain and pleasure, confidence and insecurity. His lyrics are very honest and simple – great way to reel in new listeners!

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