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Alba Rose - Eve
Alba Rose - Eve

Alba Rose – Eve | Immerse

New Zealand-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Alba Rose is progressively on her way to becoming one of the most prominent voices in the indie-pop music scene south of the Equator, especially with the release of her latest track Eve.

The twenty-two-year-old musician and lyricist updates her discography since her last released tracks from the previous year Bring It Back and Breathe, certainly upping the ante in both her quality of music and the production value. The uniqueness of Eve lies in the difficulty in categorizing it into just one particular genre like indie-pop because it certainly does not warrant that drab a description.

Rose delves into multiple genres like jazz, lounge rock, and even soul music to prepare the listeners into a slower-down timescape of soundwaves. Replete with the mellow swayed instrumentation, the lounge rock percussive styles, the delicious bass backbones and measured electrical guitar strums, Eve comes a full melodic circle with the incredibly passionate and immersive self-assured vocal performance of Alba Rose. Eve is the definitive track to unwind to after hours of toil, as it slowly wraps the listener’s world into its own soundscape which temporarily does away with the worry of the present, immersing the listener into the musician’s melodic world. 

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