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Neon Fields-Light Them Up
Neon Fields-Light Them Up
Neon Fields-Light Them Up

Neon Fields-Light Them Up | Amplify

Neon Fields are the latest group to experiment and master soundscapes and push the boundaries of what the synth can do. Their latest track Light Them Up features superior sound bits, aspiring vocals and a name that might change big things for other synth groups. Many of the songs have alternate band influences, as I learnt talking to Piers from Neon Fields:

The influences binding the songs

We have several influences many of which are individual to each member of the band. These influences include more alternative bands such as Alt-J, Radiohead and Foals and electronica and experimental artists like Moderat and FKA Twigs. Because the influences among us are so varied, it’s an exciting and kinetic environment to write in. It also challenges each of us to think outside the box.

Space as a matrix for sound

Their special sound is made using a spatial matrix with sound proclivity. The Breaking Benjamin vibe exists because of the multiple layers, but doesn’t delve into the metal arena at all. Using space, they tell us what they think of the tools.

 Space within our tracks is an extremely important tool that we heavily rely on. Our tracks often feature a lot of layers that comprise different instruments that emulate strings, horns and classic synths. They then get mixed in with electric guitar and acoustic drums. Hence, it can often sound very congested when building these soundscapes which are then later accompanied by vocals.

Only when we have all the elements do we then start allocating spaces for these components to exist in. It’s only after this, we get a feel for a track as they can and have changed dramatically from the first revision to the final master. Elements which were intended to be main lines or hooks have been pushed to the back. These are discernable and noticed by the listener only on the second or third playthrough. The textural components do exist, but rise through at certain points in the track, which make it interesting.

The singles follow an interesting theme for the artwork. They follow the same language and share parts that conclude in continuity. Talking about the album art for Light Them Up:

Our artwork came from an extremely talented commercial photographer and digital artist who goes under the name pxEYES (pixel eyes). We had seen his work used for other bands that we all liked the sound and the look of and luckily the tringle logo that has become synonymous with all of our releases and merchandise was available. After a few alterations, we finalized the design and never looked back.

What’s next for the Neon Fields?

Using the new way of doing concerts, Neon Fields are planning an upcoming EP. Live streams will also be part of the new concert era.

Currently, we’re aiming to release a six-track EP that will comprise the four releases out as of the end of August. Two other singles will also be released in the coming weeks. We’re also hoping to do a live stream of our set in early 2022.

The response we’ve had from our first set of releases have been more than we could ask for and it’s been amazing for us to gain some fans and friends overseas, especially in the US, Canada and Australia. Also, we have our people closer to home in the UK and Europe. As we have a fairly spread out fan base, we felt a live stream would be the best way to thank them for their support.

As the sound board changes and offers a plethora of options, Neon Fields would like to explore more sounds and technology. Borrowing inspiration from sci-fi films, they might be able to test the new envelope out.

Exploring the ever changing soundscape

With instrument software developing as it has been over the past decade, there is a lot of sonic ground that we’re keen to explore that is very accessible to us. All the tracks we’ve released so far seem to float between the music we were brought up with. These are achieved by playing real instruments and the more electronica inspired digitally crafted soundscapes that are more often likened to soundtracks of the sci-fi films that we grew up with.

I think for us, experimenting with the blend of these two styles is what’s exciting for us right now. However, one of the nicest things about being a part of the band is that no genre or style would be off the table. Everyone has an open attitude to trying new ideas and seeing where they might take us.    

There you have it, Neon Fields with their single Light Them Up. Listen to the electronica paradise here:

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