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monroe moon wishing well
monroe moon wishing well

Monroe Moon – Wishing Well

A cheerful, hopeful ballad that speaks of the light at the end of the tunnel, “Wishing Well” by Monroe Moon is positivity in music done right.

The song is delightfully old-school, making the listener feel right at home with listening to this song alongside the greats of retro pop. Honestly, if you slipped this record in the middle of a long ABBA session, it would take a good ear to notice. The song continuously charms the listener throughout its duration; Moon’s vocals only serve to compliment (and facilitate) that beautifully.

This song is an apt example for the fact that sometimes, simplicity is all that is needed to bring home a certain concept; when one thinks about the arrangement for this song, they are often left wondering as to how so few instruments sound so full.

The song is midtempo, melodious, and has a tight, cohesive mix. Moon’s vocals stand out; capturing the intimacy in the lyrics rather beautifully. The drum section deserves special mention with great control in the dynamics department, as well as the overall timing of the song itself.

“You’re my wishing well”, she sings, driving the point of the song home; a soft, intimate affair that one keeps close to their heart for when times get difficult- while sounding mature enough to be entertaining. Monroe Moon is onto something with this song, and “Wishing Well” for me, is high on my list of songs for a rainy day. Check it out here-

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