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alex slay deep end
alex slay deep end

Alex Slay – Deep End

When you blend a sense of innovation into a smooth RnB type song, with an honest, upfront songwriting style, you come up with “Alex Slay – Deep End”.

Alex Slay knows his songwriting, and “Deep End” is full of examples that further drive my point home. The whole song is full of innovative chords and makes free-spirited use of bold musical choices, yet it’s all held solidly together by a catchy bassline. Furthermore, the vocal harmonies on display here are something to be proud of; Alex manages to bring together his various elements with a sense of ease and effortlessness that few can muster.

“Deep End” is filled with ear candy; so much so, that I can’t seem to stop talking about the sheer innovation in the song. There’s something new going on in every bar or two; there’s something to look forward to until the very end of the song, and that truly is commendable.

The song exudes a free spirit, has a summery feel to it and retains the danceability of every good RnB song. Alex takes the concept further with little sprinkles of complex chords here and there and holds it together with a peppy, tap-worthy drum beat. The whole song screams dance, and with “Deep End”, Alex looks about ready to start becoming a household RnB name, and the music backs it up, and backs it up excellently. Check “Alex Slay – Deep End” out here!

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