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Catching Arrows – Locked In

When you think about being locked in, you think of grey; you think of an escape on instinct. And when you’re Catching Arrows, you make a song about it, of the same name.

Ava Gaudin’s vocals drive the song excellently, and the whole band has a level of polish that is seldom seen of full-fledged new bands, let alone a group of teenagers. They have a good flow throughout the song, and the songwriting here is something to be reckoned with. It’s simple, yet gets you singing with little hesitation.

It’s almost natural that one would draw a parallel of this style of music to early Paramore, and I would not blame you, but to even make the comparison is a testament to how good this performance is. The band spares no effort in executing their ideas to the best possible extent.

It shows in the tightness of the percussion section, the guitars, and how well they blend with the vocals. The whole track sounds cohesive and musical, and the processing done on the band is tasteful. Stylistic, but tasteful. There is a great sense of imagery in the lyrics, and to have captured the essence as well as they did is what makes this song worth a listen..or ten. It’s on my playlist, and it should definitely be on yours! Check it out here-

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