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Bruno Ferrari-Bugaboo
Bruno Ferrari-Bugaboo
Bruno Ferrari-Bugaboo

Bruno Ferrari- Bugaboo | Dance

We must acknowledge before starting the review, Bruno Ferrari is a great stage name. When you get over that & also realize it is his real name, we can move on. His latest track, Bugaboo, is fun, frivolous and asks you not to be so serious about the dynamics of life. It’ll all come around.

After reading an absolutely riveting account of Bruno’s history on his Spotify bio, it was important that we asked him the questions we wanted the answers to. He complied of course, the man makes dance songs. Bugaboo is a dance track that is like Boney M or ABBA, but puts a smile on your face. Coming from the Czech Republic, Mr. Ferrari has stories to tell, but through music. What more could you possibly need?

The dance routine for this will be an epic display of action and movie scenes that will be the feel good moment/pivotal points of the film. We can’t wait for more of Bruno Ferrari. His new album is out as well, do check it out.

The only thing left for you to do now is read these interview questions, and have a good time of course. Just as long as you promise to do the Bugaboo after:

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