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2AM RICKY - Whatchu On
2AM RICKY - Whatchu On

2AM Ricky – Whatchu On

Right from the album artwork to the final presentation, everything about “2AM Ricky – Whatchu On” is a trip. Ricky brings some real flow to the table; all laid atop a unique beat that makes for an extremely interesting listen.

This song is a reviewer’s dreamland; right from the instrumental that starts on a backbeat drum-and-bass style, down to some very witty melodic choices; all very unconventional of a song of this genre and era. There is something new going on in every bar– the ad-libs, despite being sent to the back of the mix, stand out with their sheer innovation and creativity.

The flow is nice and tight, as the vocalist stays spot on time; with smooth, uniform delivery, and the subtle atmosphere in the background contributing to some extra ear candy for those listening with headphones that can bring the nuances in this mix out.

And nuances here, are aplenty. There is an addictive flow to the song; with the mix placing the potent low-end squarely in the centre, setting the vocalist and the ad-libs up perfectly; taking seamless centre stage and a whole new approach to how a verse is rapped.

The whole song goes by in a flash; however, I say that only because at some point, I stopped actively looking for things to say about the song and started listening to it. Enjoying, even, if I may say.

If you’re looking for a song to capture curiosity during a late work session; or if you’re looking for some change in your musical tastes, there are very few starting points as quirky as “2AM Ricky – Whatchu On”. Check it out here!

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