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Tess Posner – Love You Enough To Change

US-based, indie pop artist, Tess Posner, has come out with her new single, “Love You Enough To Change”. With a singing style similar to Lana Del Rey’s, Tess talks about her journey with love on this record.

A well placed drum-filler introduces the rhythm section on this track, along with some vocals. Not wasting too much of the listeners time, Tess delivers quite a strong performance right from the start – the lyrics are also interesting and relatable. A very chill pre-chorus presents itself along with some side-chained synths that are reminiscent of popular EDM music.

It sounds like an alternate version of “Summertime Sadness”, that just wasn’t all that sad. Tess’ hopeful and honest approach to making music, though she’s singing from a dark place, is what grabs the listeners attention.

Though the placement of the top-line could have some improvements according to me, the other elements in “Love You Enough To Change” keep your ears busy and quite satisfied. The toy-like piano is an odd selection of tone, but somehow Tess has managed to make it fit in the mix really well!

Tess has struggled with depression in the past and uses her art as a form of coping with it – really powerful stuff!


Here’s our interview with her!

Hey!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Responses are below!

1- Your lyrics on this track are really deep and emotional, what initially made you start writing this song?

I started writing it on the piano, and this story came into my mind about the paradox of change. I’ve found in my own life that in order to change something in yourself or your life, you have to accept it first. Once you accept it and love it, the possibilities of change open up. So it’s this kind of magical thing that love can do and it’s hard to even comprehend. The line “love can make all things new” came to me, and everything really flowed from there. 

2- Who are your influences when it comes to making music like this?

So many! For this song in particular, I was thinking of some of the best piano ballads from artists like Adele, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos. Their ability to create a powerful emotion through their voice and the piano inspires me. 

3- You’ve been putting out music for a few years now. Would you share one thing you’ve learned along your journey?

The journey is about evolution, not an end goal. Every phase of my musical journey has taught me something different, and I’ve learned so much about myself and about music along the way. And, it also feels like it’s just beginning! I like to see it as an adventure, and then the challenges are full of lessons and part of the ride. There are endless things to experience and learn with music. I love it more every day!

4- “Love You Enough To Change” has a different sound as compared to your other work, like “Ocean” and “The Mask”. In your production process, how did you decide on the instruments and sounds you wanted to use?

Yes! Recently I’ve been inspired to use more acoustic and live instrumentation in my work, whereas in the past I was more drawn to bringing in elements from electronic music. I still love that direction, but as I write more songs I find new ways to express sonic ideas that draw me into the story and emotions of the song in a different way. 

5- This track is part of the compilation album, “Femme Frequency” could you tell us a bit about it? 

Yes, this was such an amazing project to be a part of. Femme Frequency is a compilation album sponsored by Produced by a Girl, a platform and movement focused on inclusion for women in music. For the album, each artist wrote songs around the theme dark to light. We communicated those experiences through our individual femme frequency to uplift, heal, challenge, awaken and inspire you. You can check out the full album on all platforms!

The track is featured on a compilation album titled, “Produced By A Girl Presents: Femme Frequency”.

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