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Rachel K Collier - You Can Pretend
Rachel K Collier - You Can Pretend

Rachel K Collier – You Can Pretend | Energising

Swansea-based electronic music producer and performer, Rachel K Collier (RKC) is out with some really interesting music. RKC has gained a massive following and is highly enthusiastic about Ableton Live, Cats and Vintage Clothes.

You Can Pretend is an electronic track that has some progressive beats, an interesting synth track, and some brilliantly layered vocals by Rachel K Collier. The beat is quite fascinating and will entrance you into either bobbing your head to the track or just finding some movement as you’re filled with energy. I find the synth and pans act as percussion here and there, but overall the track makes use of rhythms more than melodies in order to create an enlivened atmosphere. The track has so much going for it and sounds like it needs to be played in clubs all over.

RKC has created a wave of electronic fans and gives people tips and tricks for using her preferred DAW, Ableton Live! In addition to this, she is extremely helpful in creating and curating a No CopyRight Beat Tape for up and coming artists who wish to emulate her style.

I can’t wait to hear more music from Rachel K Collier, mostly because of how energised I feel after listening to a couple of tracks. I’d suggest you do the same!

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