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Our Man in the Bronze Age - Hexed Endeavours
Our Man in the Bronze Age - Hexed Endeavours

Our Man in the Bronze Age – Hexed Endeavours

Hexed Endeavours is the namesake of Our Man in the Bronze Age’s third and latest album. The six-minute-long track embodies exactly what the brotherhood is known for. It features their signature crackling electric guitar riffs, vocals that serve as another instrument of the rock set up, and drums that keep the whole song strung together.

Formed in 2007, Our Man in the Bronze Age comprises five friends who knew they had to create music on their own terms. They quit the rest of their lives and started chasing the passion that now keeps them glued together, year on year and gig after gig.

Their latest track is a reminder of why British Contemporary Rock has such a high reputation. It has rough and energetic guitar riffs all across the song. Further, the vocals of the various bandmates create a long-lasting sonic effect. The song feels like a cinematic experience, with chantings of ‘no survivors now.’

Hexed Endeavours is a proper rock anthem. Its an all-encompassing and engaging sonic experience fully consumes the listener. It makes excellent use of the bandmates’ skills on their respective instruments. Each of them gets to shine distinctly in a different part of the song. The number that opens with a bang ends so gently and calmly, only leaving behind a single reverberating string. 

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