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Kristian Phillip Valentino - August Waltz
Kristian Phillip Valentino - August Waltz

Kristian Phillip Valentino – August Waltz

August Waltz by Kristian Phillip Valentino is perhaps the best way to remember August as the fall months roll in. The song is constructed exclusively on the guitar, which gives it an easy indie vibe.Β 

Kristian Phillip Valentino is a solo act based out of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. He is an acoustic player, and a singer-songwriter. Clearly, a powerhouse who needs no assistance with his music as exemplified by August Waltz. 

Kristian is known for his indie-folk sound, beautifully crafted personal lyrics, and a voice that is very gentle on the ears. He can sound like an old friend with his George Ezra-esque vocals. A gentle love ballad, August Waltz is innocent in its expression of the singer’s emotions. He wants to spin his lover β€˜round, and show her off to the town. He admires her for the way she makes him feel – light and free.

The kind beat and the gleeful melody of the song make it super happy. And with Kristian’s warm vocals reminiscent of John Mayer, it makes all the girls want a love just like that! It is a perfect song for a romantic first dance, or simply the song that you remember playing in the background of a very special date.

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