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Kate Brunotts - Projections
Kate Brunotts - Projections

Kate Brunotts – Projections

Projections by Kate Brunotts is a short, symphonic song. This latest song from the indie artist is an amalgamation of all things she has built a reputation for over the last three years. It has a distinct electro-pop vibe, and it is masterfully layered and mixed. Kate also uses her own vocals as an instrument in the song with many effects and production twists.

Kate Brunotts is a professional sound engineer with expertise in electronic and indie electro-pop music. The New York-based musician works on her own music, and also helps other artists create rich sonic experiences. Kate has been working on her own music for the last three years, and incorporating her life and experiences into the music. She clearly makes the most of New York city’s rich stimuli and indie music scene. 

The lyrics on Projections reflect a state of mind. Kate sings about being out of place and being unable to complain. Perhaps a state of mind we have all been in during the last few months, or the year even. She knows this makes her stronger, and her voice bolder. All of her wild emotions and feelings are nothing but projections, and she knows she controls them. She decided and gives meaning to all of it. And this fantastical element flows through the sound itself, which works to create a dreamy atmosphere with its many sounds and effects.

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