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Fer Guinea - Tryna Get Some
Fer Guinea - Tryna Get Some

Fer Guinea – Tryna Get Some

Tryna Get Some by Fer Guinea is a jazzy, genre-bending number that combines unabridged vocals with a lively electronic production. The song is a little naughty, talking about teasing a lover and getting a reaction out of them.

Fer Guinea is a singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Mexico. She has spent a lot of her childhood in different countries, and the result of that is a hodgepodge of genres that she manages to make incredibly melodic. She delves into Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, and a lot more. Further, being the mastermind behind the mixing setup, she is able to create something very unique. She leverages her vocals and storytelling, and combines them with tunes and effects that make it truly stand out. Her music is often inspired by her experiences in life, such as love, freedom, psychedelics, and more.

Tryna Get Some has an unforgettable opening with bass beats. Her vocals dance atop the beats like smoke on water. As the piano kicks in, the song gets a very jazzy feel, and her layered vocals only accentuate that. As she sings about trying to get some love, the chorus allows her to display her vocal range and abilities. Her lover spoils her and brings out her desires and passions. Her smooth vocals add to the sultry appeal of the song.

In Conversation with Fer Guinea

Ques. Fer Guinea is an interesting artist name, could you tell the listeners a little bit about that?

“Fer is actually how my close ones call me and Guinea is the last name of the artistic side of my family. Mexicans have a strong sense of family and many of the Guineas of my family are poets, musicians, singers, writers so it was only natural for me to use this name charged with artistic history and dear to my heart.”

Ques. How did you develop your taste in music? How would you describe your personal style of music?

I developed my taste for music really early by listening to different genres thanks to a very music-oriented family. I got my first keyboard and I dived even more into music.
Once older I started vocal lessons and overall wanted to know as much as I could about music. I studied Jazz and totally fell in love with it. That’s what triggered me to keep exploring the different musical universes and make music for the rest of my life. I studied hard to deepen my knowledge and understanding of music as a whole. My personal style of music is very eclectic, I love music that touches me and affects my mood.”

Early Influences

Ques. Your music is a mixture of so many genres, it seems you’ve had a lot of influences. How is that? And how are some artists you look up to?

“I really grew up listening to a wide range of different music. Jazz, R&B, Hip hop, Funk, Reggae, and Latin music has been played around me since I was really young. Then I lived in Berlin for 7 years and I really dig the Electronic scene there. You can find a mixture of all these in my music.
Sade is an artist I grew up listening to and still listen to this date.  Her elegance, simplicity, and class are definitely something to look up to. Erykah Badu is also an artist that makes me vibrate. her groove, her honesty, her entire career is just mind-blowing to me.”

Music Production

Ques. You collaborated with producer Daniel Illetschek on your EP Awaken. And you generally produce most of your music. What got you into music production? What was the production process of Tryna Get Some like? 

“Limitation got me into music production! At the time, I had no contact with any musician and now with COVID, it is even less. With no choice, I had to work with what I had. I always liked writing all the parts of musicians for my music so production was just a natural path for me.
I produced Tryna Get Some while I was venturing in California in bear territories!  Tryna Get Some came about while being alone in the Mountains with my computer, a microphone, the stars, and a desire to illustrate the journey it is to fall deeply in love.”

Tryna Get Some

Ques. Can you talk to the listeners about the meaning of the song and what you want them to take away from it? 

“The meaning of Tryna Get Some is to see beyond the surface and the superficial and open the door to your soul to someone else. Ultimately, I want my listeners to simply feel, to relate, to love, to hope, and to not let their love be stopped by superficial parameters like physical appearance, social status, or possessions.”

What’s next from Fer Guinea

Ques. What’s next from you, and where can we catch it?

What is next…?  More music!  I have been producing a lot and stacking up music during COVID. I am here to stay and keep spreading emotions through music. Tryna Get Some comes from my EP which I am ready to release, and I am currently working on an album!  You can follow me on any streaming platform, and social media: Instagram @ferguineamusic, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ferguineamusic and youtube Channel.”

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