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Electric High-Sun
Electric High-Sun
Electric High-Sun

Electric High-Sun | Shimmy

All my true fans out here will know one of the best albums I reviewed this year was Reach of Your Love, by Electric High. It seems that rocking your socks off isn’t enough once. They want a repeat, and the track to achieve this feat is Sun.

Soaking with the feel-good true rock and roll of Motorhead, Sun opens with the thrashy explosion of Overkill, quickly switching to an up-tempo groove. Swirling and storming with riffs, Electric High make sure there’s some movement in your body, and it can’t be of disapproval. It can be of how a group keeps churning out insane hits like that, because that’s how I feel.

This band is adamant on giving you the best of blues & classic rock and they don’t care if you get an overload from it. They scream sun like they’re foreboding us from that sweltering heat from global warming. That should bum you out, but put this track on and you’re very conflicted whether you should be shimmying to it or not.

The zing of Black Sabbath with the Lemmy’s touch of Lemmy. It’s important to note that the entirety of your mind will undergo sever boggling. Also, if you haven’t heard Reach of Your Love by now, shame. Recharge after that with some Sun.

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