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Return to Sender-Spirit Revival
Return to Sender-Spirit Revival
Return to Sender-Spirit Revival

Return to Sender-Spirit Revival | Annihilate

Be prepared to replace the glass panes in your house, if you’re going to listen to this artist on full volume. If you choose to use headphones, preparing your ears with a sonic boom and then listen to this album. Return to Sender bring to you, Spirit Revival.

Packed with metalcore energy, riffs traveling through a fully automatic and intense vocals-Return to Sender is off to a great start. For a debut album, it seems to have the experienced musicians of veteran deathcore bands, from Infant Annihilator to Veil of Maya. Put it on shuffle, be surprised. Play it like an album is to be played, and you experience the fury as well. Absolutely crushed it on this one.

An explosive in audio format

Warming up the eardrums with Reborn, Return to Sender combine the wrath and madness of metalcore/deathcore. With a great drum sound and even better drummer, it is established early on that the instrumentals have been sorted out before entering the fray. Strings mislead but prepare you, after which the band unleashes a 50-foot-high tidal wave. A very strong opening.

The Death of Me utilizes pauses and fills brilliantly to highlight the vocalists joining forces in the songs. With simple riffs apart from the djent massacres they shadow the day with, the song masters using the space to make each section seem new. Intense and hardcore.

Probably the best track for me on this album, it has the feel of August Burns Red but executed in a completely different style. Progression is exactly that, a progression from a relatively subdued energy to an insane cliffhanger. The guitars and drums keep you hooked, whereas the vocalists switch between clean & unclean growls to bring in the hysteria factor.

Switching sounds within the album

Released earlier as a single, Chainbreaker is another highlight of this track. With deep chugging djent, the single released earlier this year makes more of an impact going down the track list.  Featuring George Kollias intensity drumming, this song takes no time to make it worth your while. Starting clean and going in heavy immediately after, the song is a top-notch track.

Testament might come to your mind seeing the title Destroy the Serpent, but current Testament can’t keep up with this band. Return to Sender push another monster through your headspace, blistering drums, and superior gutturals. Like The Death of Me, the breaks used appropriately make this track something of a force to not mess with.

HOPE changes the delivery style for complex time signatures and yet retain the fresh sound of Return. Using the ABR riff style from songs like Whitewash, HOPE does the same for this album. Closing with the energy they started with, the band completes the album to make the follow up much tougher for themselves.

Knowing that they can easily reach this benchmark, Return might have more tracks and albums lined up for us the following year. If you can catch them live, do make sure you give the band the very best. Because that is what their latest album is giving you.

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