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Avresa - Patience (Delta Variant)
Avresa - Patience (Delta Variant)

Avresa – Patience (Delta Variant) | Novel

Avresa (AKA Jeremy Binger) is an Australian songwriter, guitarist and pianist. He chose the name as it translates from Swedish to English as the departure for the beginning of an adventure. Jeremy Binger is on a journey of discovery, having worked with artists who have helped him curate music that blurred the lines between indie, electronica, folk and light rock genres.

Patience (Delta Variant) is an obvious hint towards the coronavirus pandemic and global problems that we are experiencing as a global community. Avresa sings about how we need to be patient, presumably because we are pretty impatient with the state of affairs in the world right now.

That being said, Patience (Delta Variant) is not without its own merits. The instrumental has this lovely acoustic folk rock vibe going on with this acoustic guitar playing throughout the track. The bass guitar sets a pretty nice rhythm along with the kick of the drums and the initial monotonous voice of Avresa. However, this pattern is broken by the chorus that is much more lively. Avresa uses his accompanying instruments to set a more pop and light atmosphere that feels absolutely transcendental. The driving guitar riffs really create a sense of urgency in the rhythm, but that fits into the overall theme of the track.

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