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The Kecks - Tonight Might Be Different
The Kecks - Tonight Might Be Different

The Kecks – Tonight Might Be Different | Punk

The Kecks are a band that draws a wide range of influences. This is primarily due to the varied backgrounds of the members (Australian, German, Austrian, and British). They bring an exciting and fresh take on the unique sound that they create. They do sound a lot like The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Joy Division. It’s a unique blend of music that I am all for.

Tonight Might Be Different sounds almost anthemic, just like early music from The Strokes. The Pop-Punk influence is unmistakable with The Kecks. The overdriven guitars, amidst a wide range of other elements going on, make you feel a little lost in the sound, but that is what you want out of the music you listen to. I’m especially attracted to the rhythmic drums that entrance you while you’re trying to make sense of what’s going on around you. The bass line keeps the groove and harmony going strong, but the vocals just set the scene and command control over Tonight Might Be Different.

The Kecks are a band you really don’t want to sleep on. There is so much about the band that, I, as a fan of punk and alternative 90s music, just find so intriguing. The band has a brilliant sense of humour in the same way Julian Casablancas does with The Strokes or Alex Turner does with the Arctic Monkeys. So what are you waiting for?

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