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Sweeter Than Sorrow - Like Water Is Flowing
Sweeter Than Sorrow - Like Water Is Flowing

Sweeter Than Sorrow – Like Water Is Flowing | Calming

Swedish singer-songwriter, Sweeter Than Sorrow (AKA Mattias Wahlberg of Sombre View), makes music that speaks to you in a vulnerable, emotional way. Wahlberg’s work is comparatively different from his synth-oriented sound in Sombre View. Sweeter Than Sorrow is a project that channels the complex emotion of love into this not so complicated melody.

Like Water Is Flowing is ironically more sombre and melancholic as compared to the soundscapes created by Sombre View. The minimalistic chordal tendencies and beats that Wahlberg uses, create a divine atmosphere that is especially added to with the mild percussions and pans that feel so light. Like Water Is Flowing is a love song that explores the faults in our lives despite what we display to the rest of the world.

Wahlberg has stated that there’s strength in making everything more personal and closer to the heart. It seems that the goal of Sweeter Than Sorrow is to get through to people in the most realistic way possible – by speaking to the flaws within us all and telling us that it’s okay. Like water is flowing / down from the mountain / I’m coming home to you. These lines show a great deal of acceptance from Wahlberg towards his listeners. As if to say You’re my love, always now.

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