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snap infraction take the blame
snap infraction take the blame

Snap Infraction – Take The Blame

What do you think when you think of an unapologetic, chant-worthy, up-in-your-face rocker? Now, take that, and add a trendy, hip, summer vibe to it, and you have “Take The Blame” by Snap Infraction. “An accidental A-side”, is how Steve Karsch (the frontman for the project) describes it.

The song almost feels like a standout from the rest of the album, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s a welcome departure from the sombre, introspective sound of the rest of the album, letting that go for a whole bop of a sound that tingles the inner 80s rock fan in you.

The vocals are distinctly rocking; the expertise of the ears behind this mix shone through to me all throughout the duration of this song. The sonic choices here are also distinct and represent this idea, this philosophy in the best possible light, and the instrumentalists pull their weight gracefully too! There’s not a second of this song that sounds like a filler, not a word that sounds like a stopgap making you wait for something more. There’s just something about this song that makes it flow so effortlessly and that is something that deserves a whole load of appreciation.

When it comes to rock, it’s hard to stand out but given the right amount of love and passion, you pull off something just like “Take The Blame” by Snap Infraction. A whole recommendation! Check it out here-

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