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Scott Swain-Isolation
Scott Swain-Isolation
Scott Swain-Isolation

Scott Swain-Isolation EP | Fluid

Drawing essence from aeonic films and their soundtracks, Scott Swain brews a unique theme for your life in lockdown. Ranging from westerns to fantasy, Swain has his own take on these styles of songs, making them all anecdotal in a sense. The album as you would, or wouldn’t have guessed is Isolation.

As this is an interesting concept, I’m going to write it with what I felt inspired Scott with the result. The process will determine the theme in this case. Now without any further delay, here is your dose of movie magic:

Dissecting by scenes

Track 1-Victims-In the style of Joshua Homme from QOTSA: Opening with a radio ready riff, it instantly dawns on you that this is going to be a catchy, groovy number. Swain croons over the love instruments in stellar fashion, running through the song with the energy and impact it needs and deserves. Synthesized well, and the solo section was a definite surprise.

Track 2-Skeletons-Rock heavy INXS- This time initiating song with a saxophone riff, Skeletons bares it down to rock basics. The song is a new trip, adding in effects and sound styles that are uncommon to create a generated sound. The noir scene effect dominates the sound as well, the saxophone the definite hero of the show.

Track 3-Look Out Ahead! -Premise by Ennio Morricone- The good, the great and the best. The legendary composer seems to have been the guide, spaghetti western premise soaked into the song. With a Johnny Cash singing style, this is a throwback to long before it mattered and makes a great splash on a very interesting album.

Track 4-Here’s to Going Forward-Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood-From the splash of the cymbal, the Radiohead vibe is clearly heard in this song. The bass lingers, playing an important tracking moment in the song. A catchy & fun track, about progress and resolve. Swain’s vocals altering for the style is something to look out for.

Track 5-Like Nothing Else-The Pineapple Thief-Performed with the exuberance and unique sound of the group that wasn’t mainstream, Like Nothing Else is Scott Swain closing the album with a climatic resolve. The subdued timbre of the acoustic demands attention, making it a soft close for the entire journey.

Concluding the premise

Swain has created an album that seems to surmise the emotional spectrum of the pandemic the world had, by isolation at least. Not everything that happened can be tracked, but can push boundaries to constantly challenge yourself & create a ladder to explore outside the well.

The order of the songs is also of importance, if you want to trace the true journey the artist took to create this contemporary album. It is really a revelation of sorts, in isolation.

Absorb the mixtape in essence here:

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