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Oll Ef-Ghost of Us All
Oll Ef-Ghost of Us All
Oll Ef-Ghost of Us All

Oll Ef-Ghost of Us All | Telepathy

Like the haunting presence of Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails, Oll Ef create an unearthly aura with their new album, Ghost Of Us All. Packed with booming intros, hard hitting guitar riffs & licks and kinetic drumming in parts, their album is a must listen. Complete with their effect, each song has its own story to dive into, so let’s dive into the tracks.

Structuring psychedelia

Entering a new chapter with Creatio Ex Nihilio, Oll Ef use the signature uncanny sound with the grand piano and a string section. As the song progresses, we expect a mellowing down to largo but instead hear the crashing into a mountain of guitars and drums. As we enter this new dominion, the sound is jarring, especially with the imbalance of the treble and the bass not acting into the song. Really aids to the effect.

Dead Reckoning begins with an arpeggiated guitar section, resonating with the effect and creating a dense air of suspense around the opening. As the drums enter, we hear a syncopation that demands your full attention, further galvanizing you into the track. As the beat and guitars align, you’re already in too deep and a massive outro riff greets you on the way out. Brilliant work.

Instruments dominating time & space

Flowing seamlessly into the next track Fjords, the group suppresses the drum in the distance as the guitar riff opens a dream dimension for you. Absolutely tantalizing sounds draw you in deeper, as you get lost in the psychedelia. The ambient sounds tend to get amplified after a while, as the constant chugging of the guitar guides you through the well composed track.

Altering the Fjords riff, How Time Erodes All That We Hold Dear is a different ballgame. Using the similar riff to break into the sections of the song that are fresh, you are lost in a new space. A beautiful solo with some overlapping instrumentals makes it a rich, enjoyable track. A real experiment with sound styles and production.

With Steve Vai like precision, Silverpilen demonstrates the versatile wealth of the guitar and its effects. Sailing into new waters that seem unexplored, the band throws us into the deep end, the metal effect really shining through with their Adam Jones exploration in the middle of the song. As we spread out to an adagio for the reversal back into the opening, we realize we just completed a full circle in a ride unbridled.

Closing with a masterpiece

In ilio tempore changes style once more to whittle spells into another track seeping with psychedelia. The looping riff stays in effect, suppressed drums echoing away in the background. Like Alcest, the shift into the heavy section is almost effortless. Laden with great riffs to really enjoy. The production value has certainly paid for itself with these talented set of musicians.

Ending the chapter with the closing track Ghost of Us All, Oll Ef depart in style, leaving you with a plethora of emotions, and a supposed high. The instrumentals in this album have each been its own conquest, carving its own path for the band.

Oll Ef might not be known now, but this might become a calling card. With style explorations and sound effects that command time itself, Ghost of Us All might become a landmark to really imbibe before experimenting. The tracks were in strange balance, yet told a seamless story that was written to detail. Craftsmanship at its finest.

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