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November 2nd – 100 Years

“100 Years”, is the latest release by Prague-based band, November 2nd. The warm and intimate acoustic track features in a film called, “Lifeline”. Inspired by bands and musicians like Alanis Morissette, Suzanne Vega, and Bryan Adams, November 2nd is known for their enthralling live performances in Europe and the US.

An acoustic guitar, that’s been recorded incredibly, starts the track, “100 Years”. This song has a very melancholic theme – the chord progressions are reminiscent of some Hollow Coves tracks, or maybe even Bear’s Den, so if you like those bands, do give November 2nd a listen.

It sounds as if she’s talking rather than singing, which gives the track that intimate feel right from the start. The tone of the selected instruments fit the mood perfectly, it’s almost as if all the sounds somehow “belong” with one another. Slightly distorted guitars here and there give the listener more to divulge in. The track is almost hypnotic and kinda depressing as well. Also, the mix is excellent, no complaints.

“100 Years”, is a song that I’d personally enjoy listening to at dawn when the world is a bit quieter. November 2nd has done an amazing job on this track and I hope you take my word for it!

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