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Jem Doulton Perfect Picture
Jem Doulton Perfect Picture

JEM DOULTON – Perfect Picture

In the mood for something that pushes the boundaries of “pushing the boundaries” when it comes to just how different one can make something sound? “JEM DOULTON-Perfect Picture” might then just be the first stop you’ll need to make.

Haunting, granular soundscapes; A tight groove to keep your mind in controlled chaos; a kick-in-the-gut bassline; what this song doesn’t do is probably easier to tell than what it does. Amid all the above, there’s a saxophone playing a– for lack of a better term– erotic line; one can only imagine how Jem came up with this kind of composition.

The best part of the song isn’t even the dystopian, otherworldly sound; it’s how effortless he makes it sound. His vocals waft in and out of your ears like a Cirrus cloud high up on sunny noon; still beautifully reined in by the very interesting chord choices, and more importantly, the brilliant sound design. “Perfect Picture” just about sounds like it was made for a slow– but brutal– post-apocalyptic video game with a protagonist of many, many traits; and I’m a fan. A massive one at that.

When it comes to my time listening to music, and picking out things about it that stand out, I can not seem to run out of things to pick out about this song that continuously stand out. And that, dear reader, is about the best thing I can say about this piece. To say any less of it would be a crime. Give “JEM DOULTON-Perfect Picture” a listen here!-

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