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Emmrose - Ragdoll
Emmrose - Ragdoll

Emmrose – Ragdoll | Arena

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Emmrose has never been one to shy away from fantastical thematization in her music, her detail for the gory and raw emotionality of the lyrics and the investment of hours that go into crafting the occult element of her discography.

Fortunately, she carries forward these traditions of her process into her latest release Ragdoll, that follows very brief interval following the release of her earlier singles Afterlife and Waitlisted. The near three-minute track is characteristically ominous arena-rock, borrowing alternative elements that came into the rock scene in the early 2010s.

Emmrose appears with the same soundscapes as one would find on Alexandra Savior’s Belladonna of Sadness or the B-side of a pre-2012 Arctic Monkeys number. Thematically, the moody groove implies lyrics on heartbreak, abandonment and denial. Replete with reverberating drums, electric guitar flickers and even piano-like electronic arpeggios, Ragdoll is perhaps the earliest invitation into the spirit of ominous October, where come the season, should be theme for romantic trick-or-treating. Emmrose brings us a very immersive discography thus far, leaving us to the edge of our seats for a very promising future.

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