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Adosa Gray - FIRE
Adosa Gray - FIRE

Adosa Gray – FIRE | Ambient

Scottish singer-songwriter, Adosa Gray has released a single that is as ambient as ever, creating dreamy and beautiful soundscapes. She couples emotional depth with simple lyrics to deliver relatable music. She writes lyrics that matter accompanied by melodies that resonate with her listeners and the track. Adosa tries her best to involve the authentic self in her music.

FIRE is a dreamy track that starts off with simple chords off of a keyboard, then is met with the melodiously beautiful vocals of Adosa Gray accompanied by some light percussions and deep beats. The soundscape that Adosa creates is very dreamy and in essence, pop, as it has this catchy hook to the chorus and is accompanied by this looped guitar that really sticks with you. FIRE is a really indie kind of track that has some really interesting elements to it.

What’s interesting to note about FIRE is how minimalistic it is. It doesn’t feature a massive blend of all the instruments, but rather gives special roles to each of the voicings that Adosa creates in her track. It’s this track that sort of does everything ecclectically, taking the best parts of each role within the temporality of the song.

I really like the track and find that Adosa Gray will be an artist that I play more often. FIRE is out on most streaming platforms, go and give it a stream!

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