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Wild Tibetan Monks - Cartoons
Wild Tibetan Monks - Cartoons

Wild Tibetan Monks – Cartoons

Wild Tibetan Monks’ Cartoons signals the start of a new experience for the Alternative Indie Rock band, as they return to their homeland Ireland. The song is built on a dynamic and engrossing electric guitar riff that will quickly get ingrained in your mind. The only instruments used in the song are the drumset and electric strings. As a result, the polished vocals function as an additional instrument. The electric guitar solo in the bridge is the song’s undisputed centerpiece.

For the past two years, the Wild Tibetan Monks have been touring around Perth, Australia. They’ve even received recognition from big publications like Irish Scene and DeMars Entertainment for their energetic performances. The alt-rock funk artists are poised to do the same in Ireland with their latest single. The song Cartoons is a perfect representation of the band’s music, with rock origins and funky beats!

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