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Weak Tyrant-Slide
Weak Tyrant-Slide
Weak Tyrant-Slide

Weak Tyrant-Slide | Pump

Weak Tyrant is a group that has an eclectic mix of musicians, each adding their styles to this group. Active in other projects as well, the five-piece band from Bern, Switzerland is shaking up the rock scene that has been relatively subdued through the years. From this supergroup, hear the new single called Slide.

Swinging into the deep with a great drum beat, Slide is an energetic manifesto for a group that is hell-bent on crafting superior tracks. The drum sound especially is Gavin Harrison level, voluminous bass, and crunching cymbals. The timing for the bass drum was also in a different time signature, making it an exciting first lesson. The melodic vocals ride this wave, distorted guitars bringing in an early Thirty Seconds to Mars vibe. Occupying significant headspace, the grouping of the song is in distinct parts.

The composition is slightly different from standard rock tracks, maintaining the pace and tempo, but changing by feel. The song is like an exciting nature trail, you notice something new and different each time- by nuance and technique. Weak Tyrant has clearly created a pot of their experiences resulting in this unique sound style.

The layered guitar with the arpeggiated notes is a nice touch as well, with a supernal ending. The production is immense, heard in the rich spectrum of sound that the single offers. I can’t wait for their album, brimming with ideas and sounds unheard of.

Till then slide into Weak Tyrant’s single here:

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