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Paola Bennet - My Mother Says
Paola Bennet - My Mother Says

Paola Bennet – My Mother Says | Emotive

Paola Bennet is a Brooklyn-based folk-pop/alternative singer-songwriter from Boston. She has drawn comparisons to Pheoobe Bridgers, Sara Bareilles, and Daughter due to her dark, emotive detail. Paola creates rich, ethereal music that is accompanied by some emotional vocals and heavily emotive instrumentations.

My Mother Says is a track that has a truly rich atmosphere. The acoustic guitar with a bit of rustiness on a string adds this minor discomfort that has the listener on edge and weirdly enticed at the same time. The vocals of Paola Bennet stand out particularly because of the spacing between the instruments and her vocals allowing them more room to cut through. The haunting timbre that Paola maintains in her vocals truly pulls you in and engrosses you with all that Paola feels. Stream My Mother Says below with its brilliantly made accompanying video below.

I’m a massive fan of My Mother Says primarily because of how artistically raw and true it is to Paola Bennet. It really makes you feel closer to the artist and allows you to learn more about them while feeling emotions that you can really empathise with. It really feels amazing to get in touch with a more sensitive side of yourself, in a vulnerable way that Paola was probably extending to us, her listeners.

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