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Jasper Schalks-Dancing on a Wire
Jasper Schalks-Dancing on a Wire
Jasper Schalks-Dancing on a Wire

Jasper Schalks-Dancing on a Wire | Blues

With the blues infused excursion of Dancing on a Wire, be prepared to lose yourself to love songs once again. Jasper Schalks is a Dutch-Americana singer-songwriter, but his songs could never be more American than this.

With the scale of Keith Urban’s ultra-famous blues track Blue Ain’t Your Color, Jasper Schalks sings his sorrows with different energy. Employing a jazz organ sound with the Moog effect, Dancing on A Wire is a bitter sweet expedition. Using live instruments and a woeful timbre, Schalks conveys to us pain through the blues, as it was done before.

The songwriting is a direct link to the Dylan diaries, and the song itself has a mellow yet melodic vibe that tends to stick with you. In terms of the chorus, it is memorable though I would have loved some guitar flourishes and accents with the space available in the song.

Trying something new with the pop intrusion for the chorus is a nice catch as well. The synth makes a cooler solo session, where blues expect you to throw in a minor scale bit that draws from Vaughan or Clapton. Schalks sound has its own charm- making it a well composed series of bits that make you whole.

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