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Jack Wakeman The Dreamstriders Visions
Jack Wakeman The Dreamstriders Visions


What comes to mind when you think of a peppy, unapologetically British number coming through your speakers to wake you up– energized for the day? In this case, it’s “Visions” by Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders.

A catchy bassline that instantly gets you humming; the brass-like synthesizers in the background bringing in early elements of harmony, right from the get-go– you ask for it, this song has it. As the instrumentation evolves, the electric energy in the song just keeps growing; setting the stage just right for the vocals to take center stage.

And take the center stage they do. Soothing, melodic vocals assisted by creative use of the acoustic guitar and harmony layers bring in an element of finesse and panache. The very subtle guitar at the extreme left and right provide extra ear candy to the discerning listener while the singer brings his A-game to the table.

The middle section slows down the song into a deep ballad-like atmosphere with a well-written– and performed– piano part and a huge-sounding pad making the perfect transition into the hip, groovy hook-of-sorts of the song. The whole presentation screams professional and makes for a very engaging listen, even for the most discerning audiophile. The whole song has this 80s-90s British radio pop sound to it, and as a fan, I dig it. A lot.

Creative songwriting and excellent execution on part of the instrumentalists make this song a must-listen for anybody looking to liven up a drab Monday morning. Check it out here!

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