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NEO 10Y – (God Is) The Camera

“(God Is) The Camera” is a multi-genre record by Nik Thakkar, aka NEO 10Y, and it is going to make your head spin! (in a good way) Featuring an eclectic mix of sounds, this record hits really hard right off the bat and I’m pretty sure it’s like nothing you’ve heard before! The track is produced with SBO9 with sitar by Tommy Khosla.

This “spiritual” track, as Nik calls it, is a clever blend of EDM, some elements of Hardstyle, and a wonderfully played Sitar. It sounds very cinematic and in-the-face, composition-wise – Nik’s understanding of how instruments should fuse to create these unique textures is quite amazing. Even though the track is loud and heavy, it has some psychedelic and spiritual ingredients that don’t really disturb the vibe.

The song undergoes a bizzare change on the bridge where NEO 10Y raps quite aggressively about the astral realm and consciousness, pretty deep stuff, still sounds pretty cool though. The roaring final drop, post the spatial and smooth breakdown in “(God Is) The Camera”, is where Nik has shown us what his sound is all about – cerebral and subversive music.

All in all, I think anyone who appreciates mind-bending genre type songs, will love NEO 10Y’s work. He’s been releasing music since 2017, has decent fan following in the UK and the US and wants to continue on his spiritual revolution!

Do check out “(God Is) The camera” by NEO 10Y on Spotify!

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