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Andrea - Choose My Way
Andrea - Choose My Way

Andrea – Choose My Way

Choose My Way is the latest release from Andrea, an indie newcomer who has shaken the pop industry with her musical craftsmanship. Her vocals are reminiscent of Florence Welch, and her songwriting delves into life and its complexities.

Andrea’s talent and consequent success in the last year have not been amiss on critics. Her songs have been viral across TikTok, and she has more than 2.1 million views on her music on Youtube. The artist has been acknowledged for her modern, engaging approach to Pop music. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Andrea has put Macedonia on the global pop map, and given the world something to watch out for. 

Structurally, Choose My Way is an Electropop gem – it begins softly and builds as the song progresses. Further, the verses have consistent beats and rhythm, and the song has a literal and audible high at the chorus. The smart interjection of piano keys keeps the song grounded, and prevents it from sounding too electronic. 

The title Choose My Way gives away a lot about the track – it is a proclamation of the singer’s authority over herself and her life. Further, it is also telling of her own principles and beliefs where she acknowledges that selfish people seldom succeed. She is not easy to break, she is a fighter through and through.

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