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Ali Pips-Mad Queen
Ali Pips-Mad Queen
Ali Pips-Mad Queen

Ali Pips-Mad Queen | Noir

It isn’t necessary to know music theory to create is the popular notion. Through music theory though, new avenues of experimentation open up. Fusing genres that don’t belong, Ali Pips is your Mad Queen.

The piano is responsible for the execution as heard in the melody. The song is a heavy mixture of jazz and rock-with metronome perfect musicians harmonizing with their instruments. As Ali sings over the rich piano harmony that she lays over the song, the Alicia Keys vibe is clearly discernable. To a listener searching for something fresh and straight out of a noir film scene-this is it.

An Avant Garde style usually has its set of challenges but are pleasurable to listen to. Stitching parts of the song through scenes and scales is an interesting M.O for the jazz and rock infused song.

Passionate and novel in this style, Ali Pips might be onto a complete play of scenes through music. The menace can be felt in the track with the ensuing chaos. The outro is ridiculously interesting, where the climax might align with the crash of the cymbal or the piano keys. Experimenting with microtones & scales that aren’t usually heard, Mad Queen is one for the playlist if your imagination is wild.

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