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Alexnder Luna NIGHT MOVES 2
Alexnder Luna NIGHT MOVES 2

Alexnder Luna – NIGHT MOVES 2 | Surround

Modern jazz moving with a fusion sauce and a funky swing is how I would describe Alexnder Luna’s new album NIGHT MOVES 2. Alexnder Luna, who is a music producer based out of California- has recently released his new EP NIGHT MOVES 2, and it is one that each and every listener will fall in love with. The artist’s latest project is a smooth and silky project loaded with rich instrumental textures and sophisticated production, presenting a dazzling sonic environment that blends elements of funk, dance, jazz, and electro-pop, among other inspirations.

The intro, WHAT’S THE MOVE is a peppy and fun track and sets one’s expectations for an album that would make you want to get up and dance around lightly.

The second track- BIG STUNNA, is a subtler one. BIG STUNNA has a hidden mystery among the lines of its rhythm- which is actually its charm. The third song in this EP Drama features Notkyle’s premiere performance on the track, offering it a sense of electro-pop romantic fusion with funk intonations.

The fourth track HAVE YOU SEEN HIM embodies what can also be said about the album as a whole. It sounds different from the entire EP, developing a unique groove that it revels in, near to electronic pulsations that define the air around the track. Similarly, every time one listens to NIGHT MOVES 2– they will find something different to appreciate.

LEAVE IT UP TO CHANCE – to put it crudely, slaps. Despite the growing cultural onset of trip-hop, artists sometimes take the shorter route in trying to adapt to the sound of others. Luna’s ability to define his own sound sets himself apart. LEAVE IT UP TO CHANCE comes with its excellent production and melodic vocals, once again asserting the freshly drafted formulas of the artist.

Next up is Dust Bunny, which is the kind of song that is entertaining to everyone. Long-standing aficionados of Rhythm and Blues, Hip-hop, traditional Pop and Rock music should find this number right up their lane. The album’s closer FROZEN is a electronic funkadelic vibe, replete with synth and brass elements that perform in arpeggio-like pulsations.

NIGHT MOVES 2 finds its place for the outdoors, but also for a good dose of something strong to unwind and sit around a table while the theme surrounds you without being blatantly noticeable, which is one of my most favourite things about this EP. I absolutely cannot wait for the upcoming music videos- Alexander Luna is definitely someone who will dominate this space going forward and should be watched.

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